VOD Management System

Overall Features:
- Possibility to create separate app for content owners as a subset of the parent system with separate settings and appearance
- Multilingual interface and ability to add other languages
- Display and manage ads in full screen before starting playback
- Automatic check for updates with notification for user to download new version
- Option to share the app file or download link (via Bluetooth, email, social networks, etc.)
- Option to receive user feedback from within the application (sends email to the developer including app and device details)
- Deep linking to execute any part of the application separately from the links defined in the URL Scheme
- Send notifications (including title, text, image) to all or part of users
- Online Help and FAQ pages
- An interactive showcase to introduce main features of the app to user
- Compatible with all phones and tablets running Android 4.1 and up or iOS 7.0 and up (about 99% of all devices)

VOD Market:
- Featured page to display custom selected slides and lists (bestsellers, most viewed, recent, ...)
- List of all categories and subcategories along with the number of products in each category
- List of all genres with number of products in each genre
- Search for a word or phrase in all products or a specific category or genre (search in names, descriptions, genres and tags)
- A dedicated page for each content provider, including name, logo image, list of its products, along with special categories for the same provider
- Purchase and use of subscription (monthly, quarterly, ...) for each provider's products
- Option to purchase and use subscription for all products in the system
- Option to purchase and use (display or download) each product individually
- Product page including name, description, category, provider, view count, discount price, current price, cover image, production year, playback duration, genres and tags, casts, comments, related products and ...
- Option to click on the category, provider, genres and tags on product page and refer to the relevant section in the app
- Option to bookmark (favorite) products by user
- List of all crew (actors and artists) available in the system, with search option and sorted by popularity
- List of crew for each product including image, name and role in the product (actor, director, etc.)
- Dedicated page for each person (actors and other crew) including name, age, place of birth and nationality, biography, gallery, and option to like them by user.
- Option to submit comment and rating by users for each product (after approval by admin), view comments and average scores, and option to submit positive or negative points for each comment.
- Playback videos with several different qualities (if any), pause during playback, forward and rewind video instantly, resume playback at another time and ...
- Playback videos in internal player securely (user has no access to file links and illegal downloading)
- Option to play teaser of product (if any) before purchase
- Secure purchase or add credit from bank gateway in the application's internal browser
- View and purchase a pack (product package) which itself contains several other products (for example, a package of all parts of a serial for sale at a discount)
- Option to share links and product descriptions, providers, crew, categories, ... on social networks and other apps, which clicking the link directly opens the product or item shared ...

User Profile and Transactions:
- Assigns a profile to each user
- Register and login users with OTP system by phone number or email address (without need for a password)
- Register and login with email and password (for content providers and system administrators)
- Option to change or reset forgotten password
- Display and edit user profile
- List of products and subscriptions purchased by user
- List of bookmarked (favorite) products
- Add credit by in-app purchases
- Compatible with In-App purchase of Google Play and other markets based on Google IAB system
Overall Features:
- Web-based administration panel
- 3 access levels (Super Admin, System Operator, Content Provider)

Products (Videos):
- Search all products by name
- List (filter) the products of a particular provider
- Product status filtering (For Sale, Approved, Unverified)
- View product image and title, provider, categories, views and sales count, video files, and more.
- Release and activate a product at a specified time (future release).
- Duplicate a product, or create a product package (including several other products)
- Edit details of a product (video) including the following fields:
-- Name, short description, category, original price, discount price, playback duration, production year, cover image, provider name, provider specific category, full description, genres, tags, cast, teaser, video files and extra images.
- Limit a product visibility for users in home country or global users (IP-based filtering)
- Create unlimited list of cast and crews, including the name and field of activity (Actor, Director, etc.)
- Add unlimited list of video files to play, assign title and quality, determine permission of download separately for each file.

Home Page (Featured Products):
- Two distinct home pages to define and arrange lists in.
- Define unlimited blocks or slides, with option to change the order and visibility status
- Edit blocks and slides: select background image and color, text color, title, custom link, visibility status and display order

Category, Genre, Tag:
- Define unlimited number of main categories and subcategories
- Define optional categories for each provider, independent of main categories
- Search, edit and modify categories (icon image, order, parent, ...)
- Define unlimited genres and tags, edit or merge them
- Assign multiple genres and tags to each product

Users and content providers:
- View or edit the list of all registered users in the system with details (ID, name, mobile phone, email, credit amount, registration time, access level, status, etc.)
- View list of special users with access to the management panel (providers, operators and admins)
- Create profile for each provider to display in their app
- View user comments for products, respond to comments, view contact information, reject or confirm comments

Cast and Crews:
- List of cast for movies or videos with popularity indicator and search option
- Add or edit details for a person including the following fields:
-- Name (in both local and English language), date and place of birth, nationality, biography, assigned products and field of activity, profile picture and gallery images.

Sales, subscriptions and invoices:
- Possibility to sale products via bank gateway
- View list of user interactions at bank or app stores separately, displaying the status of purchase, date, amount and ... with the possibility to search
- View list of all successful transactions with full details and ability to search or filter based on the time period or products of a specific provider
- Generate sales bill for all content providers, view provider and system share by percentage of revenue share defined in their account
- Calculate tax and other legal deductions based on settings in each provider's profile
- Generate a printable edition for each provider's bill
- Manage and define subscriptions for the entire system or for each provider individually
- Define price for monthly, quarterly, six-month and one-year subscriptions
- Subscription bills by provider or overall

- Chart and report of sales, playback and views for each product or overall
- Filter reports for a specific time period or for a specific product only
- View daily, monthly and yearly reports
- Generate Excel file output from reports

- Manage ads to display fullscreen ads before playing videos
- Manage gift credits assigned to users

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