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App and Website Production

We can produce, publish and launch an application or website for your business in various areas related to our expertise.

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Based on the experience and skills of our technical team, we can design and produce dedicated applications and websites for you with the following functionalities.

VOD App and Website

Video-On-Demand services, with online streaming of movies, series and video clips, and possibility of single sale or monthly subscription

LMS App and Website

Learning management and education systems, featuring online courses, exams and classes, with different monetization options

E-Health Website

Services for search and referral of doctors, virtual office, patient history, ticketing, virtual examinations and remote visits

Special Features


Administration Panel

We provide web-based panel for content management and system control, viewing transactions and reports, access management and user support.

Hosted Service

The whole service, including website and admin panel, are securely hosted on our infrastructure and you don't need to worry about managing the server and its software.

Dedicated and Extensible

We have developed the core and modules from scratch and no ready-made templates are used. Therefore, we provide you with high customization and scalability.


Work Process

We have a simple and clear process which can be summarized in these 4 steps:

Project Plan

You provide basic idea of the project and its requirements.

Initial Version

We prepare and showcase a prototype of the app and website for review.


We customize the look, brand and features of the product to your desire.

Confirm & Launch

After your confirmation, we launch it and support period will begin.

Technical Issues

What technologies do we use?

We use common and well-known technologies and programming languages to produce your very own application and website:

  • Linux server
  • PHP for back-end
  • HTML, JS, CSS for website
  • Java and Kotlin for the app

Also we design and implement the appearance and UI/UX of your application and website in accordance with the latest top trends and principles.

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